Monday, September 12, 2011

Nigeria Special (2) Sonny Okosun

Sonny Okosun is arguably one of the most recognized and famous Nigerian artists after Fela Kuti. Much like with Fela, Okosun's music was heavily influenced by politics and the social issues going on in Africa at the time. One of his mos famous songs is Fire in Soweto which talks about the different struggles and conflicts happening in Africa at the time and how the common man was the one that kept being the most affected by these. He developed his own sound so much so that his music came to be simply known as Ozziddi. The sound quality is a bit rough on some of these songs but give them a listen as they are great and do a great job of showing the harsh realities that the African continent has and continues to face to this day.
1. Third World
2. Fire in Soweto
3. Tire Ni Oluwa
4. Tell Them
5. My Woman


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