Friday, March 30, 2012

Hermanos Zaizar- Canciones de la Revolucion

 This is a great album that I highly recommend to anyone with even a remote interest in Mexican music. Some of the audio is a bit rough however the songs are still classics that date back around 100 years and Los Hermanos Zaizar are some of the best artists to have covered these songs. Also for anyone interested in a bit of military history take note of songs like La Adelita and La Rielera. These songs and others mention women in combat roles during the war. This is something that is rarely mentioned however the Mexican Revolution was one of the first conflicts were women were treated equally to their male counterparts in concern to combat roles. Some women were even known to have attained high ranking positions like commanders, colonels, and such.

 La Rielera
La Cucaracha
La Joaquinita
La Adelita
El adios del soldado
La Pajarera
Corrido a Pancho Villa
El Abandonado
Corrido de Cananea
La Valentina
Valentin de la Sierra

The Clash Vanilla Tapes

The legendary Vanilla Tapes are a series of demos by The Clash that were what for the most part would become the famous London Calling album. These demos however for a long time were thought to have completely vanished. The story goes that Clash roadie Johnny Green lost the tapes while on the London Underground and it was not until 2004 that the tapes would resurface when Mick Jones found another copy of them. I recommend these to any Clash fan as they are a great insight into the band. Everything from the cover of Sonny Okosun's Fire in Soweto to the rough versions of classic songs like London Calling and Guns of Brixton.

 1         Hateful           
2         Rudie Can't Fail           
3         Paul's Tune           
4         I'm Not Down           
5         4 Horsemen           
6         Koka Kola, Advertising & Cocaine           
7         Death Or Glory           
8         Lover's Rock           
9         Lonesome Me           
10         The Police Walked In 4 Jazz           
11         Lost In The Supermarket           
12         Up-Toon (Instrumental)           
13         Walking The Slidewalk           
14         Where You Gonna Go (Soweto)       
15         The Man In Me           
16         Remote Control           
17         Working And Waiting           
18         Heart & Mind           
19         Brand New Cadillac       
20         London Calling           
21         Revolution Rock

Nigeria 70 Lagos Jump

This is the second album from the great Nigeria 70 series done by Strut Records. The series looks at some of the main artists in the country and some of the popular music styles of the period. I really recommend this album to anyone wanting an introduction into the vast styles of music that the country of Nigeria has to offer and just as well recommend it to anyone who already enjoys music from this nation. I do not usually say this however if you enjoy this go out and buy the real thing and support Strut Records and their work to compile great music from all around the world.

 1    Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars* –     Yabis       
2     Ify Jerry Crusade* – Everybody Likes Something Good       
3     Bola Johnson & His Easy Life Top Beats – Ezuku Buzo       
4     Ashanti Afrika Jah –     Onyame     4:56   
5     Olufemi Ajasa & His New Nigerian Bros* – Aiye Le       
6     Peacocks Guiter Band* –     Eddie Quansa        
7     Peter King – African Dialects
8     Dynamic Africana – Igbehin Lalayo Nta       
9     Chief Checker – Ire Africa        
10     Tony Tete Harbor & The Star Heaters Of Nigeria* – Tete Muo Bu Muo       
11     Faces, The (3) – Tug Of War       
12     Eric (Showboy) Akaeze & His Royal Ericos* – Wetin De Watch Goat, Goat Dey Watcham        
13     Immortals, The (5) – Hot Tears       
14     Rex Williams –     You Are My Heart       
15     Sir Victor Uwaifo & His Melody Maestroes – Dododo (Ekassa No. 1)   
16     Eddie Okwedy –     Happy Survior

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lynn Taitt and The Jets - Hold Me Tight 1965-1973 Anthology

 This is probably one of the best rocksteady albums you will ever find. Hold Me Tight does an amazing job of compiling some great tracks of "rocksteady" which was the popular music genre in 60's and early 70's Jamaica that would lead to what most people know as reggae. Hold Me Tight is made up of two CD's the first one containing purely instrumental songs and the second one containing various rocksteady classics.
I highly recommend this one to anyone as this album seems to have something for every music taste.

Disc 1
  • 1.Storm Warning
  • 2.Smoky Places
  • 3.Stream Of Life
  • 4.I Don't Want To See You Cry
  • 5.Nice Time
  • 6.You Have Caught Me
  • 7.Napoleon Solo
  • 8.Pressure And Slide
  • 9.Long Story
  • 10.Soloman
  • 11.Soul Shot
  • 12.The Last Waltz
  • 13.Why Did You Leave Me (To Cry)
  • 14.Mr Dooby
  • 15.Unity
  • 16.Only A Smile
  • 17.The Brush
  • 18.I Am The Upsetter Version
  • 19.Dreamland
  • 20.El Casino Royale
  • 21.Soul Food
  • 22.Why Am I Treated So Badly
  • 23.Batman
  • 24.Top Cat
  • 25.Intensified '68
  • 26.Rainbow Valley
  • 27.Adam Twelve
 Disc 2
  • 1.Rudies All Around
  • 2.Cool Collie
  • 3.Get On The Ball
  • 4.Listen To The Music
  • 5.Taking Love
  • 6.Cool It
  • 7.Leaving On That Train
  • 8.I'm Going Home
  • 9.Cool Night
  • 10.Seeing Is Knowing
  • 11.Right On Time
  • 12.She Said She Loves Me
  • 13.Crime Don't Pay
  • 14.Family War
  • 15.Girl You Ruff
  • 16.Fat Girl In Red
  • 17.I Want To Love You
  • 18.Joy In The Morning
  • 19.Send Requests
  • 20.Stop The Wedding
  • 21.Live Like A King
  • 22.Swing And Dine
  • 23.You Hurt My Soul
  • 24.Bring It On Home
  • 25.Hold Me Tight
  • 26.I Like Your World
  • 27.Can't You See



Thursday, March 1, 2012

Joe Strummer and The Latino Rockabilly War (Live in Manchester 1988)

A great album for any Clash, Joe Strummer, or just rock fan in general. This album features some of Joe's work after The Clash disbanded with his band The Latino Rockabilly War. This bootleg is extremely rare as it is probably some of the only live audio out there of Joe playing with Latino Rockabilly War. Highly recommend checking this one out as it has a bit for everyone everything from classic Clash tunes to a Carlos Santana and more great material.

1.Shouting Street
2.Nothin Bout Nothin
3.Somebody Got Murdered
4.The 15th Birgade
5.Spanish Bombs
6.Sightsee MC
7.Armagideon Time
8.Unknown Immortal
9.Love Kills
10.Police & Thieves
11.Junco Partner
12.Ride A Donkey
13.Love Of The Common People
14.If I should Fall From The Grace of God
15.I Fought The Law
16.Straight To Hell
17.Ubangi Stomp
18.Brand New Cadillac
19.Police On My Back
20.Tropic Of No Return
21.Trash City
22.Oye Como Va (Carlos Santana Cover)
23.London Calling