Monday, May 21, 2012

Viento Negro - Servando Gonzales (1965)

This time I thought I would post something other than music and instead share one of my all time favorite movies. Viento Negro is a movie from the golden era of Mexican cinema and is considered one of the best movies to have ever come out of Mexico and has even made it on some lists as one of the best movies in international cinema. The movie was originally destined to be released in the US however due to disagreements between the director and some members of the original cast the movie was only released in Mexico.
The movie takes place in the 1940's in the Altar desert in the state of Sonora in northern Mexico as the federal government had just commissioned for a railroad that would connect the Baja California peninsula to the rest of Mexico be built. This was part of the rapid industrialization of post-revolution Mexico and in part a response to repeated threats by the US government of the possibility of annexing Baja California.

The movie makes light of the treacherous and often brutal conditions that workers had to endure as they built this railroad through the middle of the desert. Having to deal with everything from scorching heat to freezing temperatures and of course the relentless "Viento Negro" (black wiind). The workers are also faced with their own personal struggles as they deal with things like racism, fighting, loneliness, father son relationships, and even death. One thing to also keep in mind is that many of the events in this movie are not made up but based on things that really did occur during the construction of the Sonora Baja California Railroad.
Hope you enjoy this one because as I mentioned before it is one of my favorite movies.

Viento Negro - Entire Movie 127min/Pelicula Entera 127min.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

2 Bootlegs For The Price of 1

I received some requests for some Clash bootlegs and so decided I would put both of them in one post. The first one is from the live Lewisham show done in 1980, there is some great material including a great version of White Man in Hammersmith Palais. The second is from a live show in Akron, Ohio done in 1982 and a part of the Combat Rock tour of the US. Again there are some great tracks here and definitely a great live show from the not so happy dying days of The Clash.


Part 1
1. Armagideon Time
2. Bankrobber
3. Brand New Cadillac
4. Capital Radio
5. Clampdown
6. Clash City Rockers
7. Complete Control
8. English Civil War
9. Fingernails
9. Garageland
10. I Fought The Law
11. Jaine Jones
12. Jimmy Jazz
Part 2

1. Koka Kola
2. London Calling
3. London's Burning
4. Police & Thieves
5. Protex Blue
6. Safe European Home
7. Spanish Bombs
8. Stay Free
9. Guns of Brixton
10. Tommy Gun
11. Train in Vain
12. White Man in Hammersmith Palais
13. Wrong Em Boyo


Part 1

1. The Call Up
2. Clash City Rockers
3. Guns of Brixton
4. Know Your Rights
5. London Calling
6. Police & Thieves
7. Radio Clash
8. Rock The Casbah
9. The Leader
10. Train in Vain

Part 2

1. Armagideon Time
2. Brand New Cadillac
3. Career Opportunities
4. Clampdown
5. I Fought The Law
6. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
7. Somebody Got Murdered
8. Straight To Hell
9. The Magnificent Seven
10. Wrong Em Boyo