Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nigeria Special (1) - Bongos Ikwue

Nigeria has been one of the African countries with the greatest music scenes, giving the world the heavily political artists Fela Kuti and Sonny Okosun not to mention genres like afrorock and afrofunk. Today I will focus on 70's Nigerian pop artist Bongos Ikwue who from what I have gathered (not being Nigerian but hearing what Nigerians have said to me) was extremely popular and famous. At one point even becoming part of a scandal after his song Mariama was supposedly said to be about the Nigerian first lady.

I am posting a compilation of songs of his that I have found online and gathered, the audio on some is a bit rough but this is still great music. As a side note to anyone who cares if you listen to Bongos music and that of other Nigerian artists as well you will hear what seems like an influence from the classic American country music sound which to me is kind of interesting.
Hope you enjoy the music!

1.Never Never Say Never Again
2. Tear Drops
3. I've Found a Woman
4. Still Searching
5. Sitting On The Beach
6. Love My Girl
7. Mariama
8. You've Got To Help Yourself
9. So Far So Good
10.Woman Made The Devil

Part 2
1. No More Water in The Well
2. Show The Man Who Don't Need A Woman
3. Baby Let Me Go
4. What Am I To Do


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