Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Francoise Hardy - All Over The World

This album features the magnificent French ye-ye artist Francoise Hardy singing in English, German, Italian, and though not on the original album I added two of her Spanish songs to this download. Francoise Hardy is without a doubt an icon of the 1960's and will always be remembered for her simple yet extremely attractive style and her soft gentle voice. Which be it in her native French or other language is always very seductive and soothing.
If you are not familiar with her or her style of music give it a chance and I promise you will not be disappointed!

1. Find Me A Boy
2. L Et Dell Amore
3. Il Tuo Migliore Amico
4. Die Liebe Geht
5. Il Saluto Del Mattino
6. Ich Hab Das Gluck
7. Catch A Falling Star
8. Wenn Dieses Lied Erklingt
9. However Much
10. Parlami Di Te
11. Only You Can Do It
12. La Tua Mano
13. The Rose
 14. Say It Now
15. Wer Du Bist
16. All Ove The World
17. This Little Heart
18. Ci Sono Cose Piu Grandi
 19. Autumn Rendez-Vous
20. Gli Altri     
PLUS (Spanish)
El Telefono Corte

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