Friday, September 23, 2011

The 101'ers - Smokey Joe's Cafe

I've been a fan of Joe Strummer and The Clash since I was about 13. For about the same length of time I've been a fan of his first band The 101'ers however until very recently did I come to find out that this album (Smokey Joe's Cafe) existed. For anyone who has heard Elgin Avenue Breakdown (101'ers first album) then you will already be familiar with the music style on here. However for those who have never heard this band before it is a great mix of classic rock and roll with rockabilly and really is just great music worth checking out.

01 Gloria
02 Rabies
03 Keys To Your Heart
04 Surf City Instrumental
05 Sweet Revenge
06 Surf City Pathway
07 5 Star Rock And Roll
08 Surf City Interrupted
09 Studio Chatter Pathway
10 Keys To Your Heart
11 Unknown Song
12 Sweet Revenge
13 Monkey Business
14 Shake Your Hips
15 Junco Partner
16 Don't Let Go
17 Surf City
18 Sweet Revenge
19 Sweet Revenge
20 Surf City
21 Keys To Your Heart
22 Heartbreak Hotel
23 Heartbreak Hotel

CD2: (Live)
01 Bonnie Moronie
02 Letsagetabitarockin'
03 Shake Your Hips
04 Hoy Hoy
05 Heartbreak Hotel
06 Cho Cho O'Boogie
07 Smokey Joe's Cafe
08 Johnny B. Goode
09 Oh Carol
10 Out Of Time
11 I'm Down
12 Route 66
13 Who Do Ya Love
14 Silent Telephone
15 Monkey Business
16 Junco Partner
17 Be Bop A Lula
18 Steamgauge 99
19 Hideaway
20 I Saw Her Standing There
21 Slippin' And Slidin'
22 Willie And The Hand Jive
23 Sweety Of The St. Moritz
24 Motor Boys Motor
25 Roll Over Beethoven
26 Gloria (Edited)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Francoise Hardy - The Yeh Yeh Girl From Paris

By request here is another album of the magnificent Francoise Hardy. Yeh Yeh Girl From Paris features some of Francoise's early songs (which in my opinion are her best) and is really worth listening as they all have a very classic 60's pop sound with Francoise's great voice.

1. Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles
2. Ca A Rate
3. La Fille Avec Toi
4. Oh Oh Cheri
5. Le Temps De L'amour
 6. Il Est Tout Pour Moi
7. On Se Plait
8. Ton Meilleur Ami
9. J'ai Jete Mon Coeur
10. Il Est Parti Un Jour
 11. J'suis D'accord
12. C'est A L'amour Auquel Je Pense

Tumbele! Biguine Afro & Latin Sounds From the French Carribean 1963-1974

Unlike the music from Jamaica and the English speaking Caribbean the music of the French Caribbean is for the most part unknown outside of the French speaking world. Tumbele presents music from the French speaking islands of Haiti and the islands Guadeloupe and Mountinique which if I am not mistaken to this day are still governed by Paris. The music on this album is a mixture of Congolese rumba, Hatian compas, and Cuban guguancos and biguine which all mixed together to form the unique style of Tumbele. This music is testament to the inmense multi-cultural past that this part of the world has had. Also I really recommend this album if you like any sort of music that features electric guitar as some of the songs on here have some of the coolest guitar riffs and solos that you will hear.
. Barel Coppet Et Mister Lof - Jeunesse Vauclin (3:05)
2. Les Loups Noirs D’Haiti - Jet Biguine (3:26)
3. Abel Zenon - Pas O Soué La (2:15)
4. Raphael Zachille - Manzè Mona (2:46)
5. Robert Mavounsy Quartet - Henri Te Vlé Mayé (2:46)
6. L’Orchestre Jeunesse de Paul-Emile Haliar - La Vie Critique (2:21)
7. Orchestre Combo Zombi Et Michel Yeye - Mussieu A Têt’a Poisson La (2:34)
8. Les Kings - Oriza (4:00)
9. Claude Rolcin Et Le West Indian Combo - Colas-La (2:10)
10. Anzala, Dolor, Vélo - Ti Fi La Ou Té Madam’ (5:25)
11. Leopards - D’Leau Coco (5:04)
12. Ensemble La Perfecta - Jojo (4:48)
13. Le Ry-Co Jazz - Dima Bolane (4:09)
14. Lola Martin - Edamise Oh! (4:25)
15. Les Aiglons De Basse Terre - Chombo Meringue (2:37)
16. Les Gentlemens - Son Tambou La (3:48)
17. L’Ensemble Abricot - Chonga (5:20)
18. Francisco - Fileo (2:30)
19. Monsieur Dolor Et Les Guitar Boys - Panty (5:28)
20. Robert Loison - Jean Fouillé, Pie Fouillé (5:09)

Password is radiodada

Nirvana (60's) - All Of Us

Unknown to many there was a band in 1960's UK named Nirvana way before, Kurt Cobain and his group came along and stole the name of the (in my opinion) much better 1960's group. Though Nirvana had a very unique rock style they only achieved limited commercial success and never became as famous as some other British bands to come out of the 60's, their music is still definitely worth checking out. And unlike the 90's US group of the same name which made depression and frustration and the such "cool" the original Nirvana tried to inspire a positive feeling and to look at all the good things in life. Which at least in my book already puts them miles ahead of the 90's group that most people have heard of.

1. Rainbow Chaser
2. Tiny Goddess
3. The Touchables (All Of Us)
4. Melanie Blue
5. Trapeze
6. The Show Must Go On
7. Girl In The Park
8. Miami Masquerade
9. Frankie The Great
10. You Can Try It
11. Everybody Loves The Clown
12. St. John's Wood Affair


Friday, September 16, 2011

Kortatu Azken Guda Dantza

This is the last album of the Basque ska/punk group Kortatu recorded live in 1988. It is a great album with very many politically charged songs. Something really worth checking out for anyone who likes punk or ska music.

1.      After-boltxebike
2.      Oker nago
3.      Etxerat!
4.      Equilibrio
5.      Mr. Snoid entre sus amigos los humanos
6.      La línea de frente
7.      Gernika 37-87
8.      Makurtu gabe
9.      Hotel Monbar
10.  Sospechosos
11.  A la calle
12.  La familia Iskariote
13. Desmond Tutu
14.  Platinozko sudurrak
15.  Aizkolari
16.  Jimmi Jazz
17.  Denboraren Menpe
18.  Zu atrapatu arte
19.  Tatuado
20.  Nicaragua sandinista
21.  Hay algo aquí que va mal
22.  A.E.K.ko beteranoak
23.  Jaungoikoa eta Lege Zaharra
24.  El último ska
25.  Kolpez kolpe

Monday, September 12, 2011

Nigeria Special (2) Sonny Okosun

Sonny Okosun is arguably one of the most recognized and famous Nigerian artists after Fela Kuti. Much like with Fela, Okosun's music was heavily influenced by politics and the social issues going on in Africa at the time. One of his mos famous songs is Fire in Soweto which talks about the different struggles and conflicts happening in Africa at the time and how the common man was the one that kept being the most affected by these. He developed his own sound so much so that his music came to be simply known as Ozziddi. The sound quality is a bit rough on some of these songs but give them a listen as they are great and do a great job of showing the harsh realities that the African continent has and continues to face to this day.
1. Third World
2. Fire in Soweto
3. Tire Ni Oluwa
4. Tell Them
5. My Woman


Los Alegres de Teran - Revolucion Mexicana

The Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920 was an extremely important event in the country's history politically, socially, and also musically. During the war "corridos" (short songs about an important person or place or something like that) developed as a way to spread news of what was happening in the front. Songs were written detailing one general's great victory over another at a certain city and the song would spread as a way to communicate the news to people throughout the country. Here is a small sample of songs done by Los Alegres de Teran. All of these (except for Corrido del Norte) share one thing in common being that they were all written detailing the exploits of General Francisco (Pancho) Villa and his men such as General Felipe Angeles. These are definitely worth checking out as they do a great job of describing why many of these men are still seen as heroes to most Mexicans. 

1. Corrido Villista
2. El Siete Leguas
3. La Persecusion de Villa
4. La Tumba de Villa
5. El Corrido del Norte
6. Corrido de Felipe Angeles
7. El Mayor de Los Dorados


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Los Alegres de Teran - Vol 1

Los Alegres de Teran were the ones responsible for making musica norteña (literally translated as northern music) popular throughout Mexico. The style of music has its roots when German and other European immigrants made their way to northern Mexico bringing with them the accordion and music styles like polka. This new music mixed with other styles that were already present in Mexico. Los Alegres de Teran made up of accordionist Eugenio Abrego and bajo sexto player Tomás Ortiz formed in the 1940's and introduced this style of music to the rest of the country, eventually recording over 100 LP's.
Here is a small sample of the songs they recorded, something definitely worth checking out for any fan of the genre or of Mexican music in general.
1. Alma Enamorada
2. Desilusion
3. Florita del Alma
4. Coranzoncito Tirano
5. Dos Favores
6. Tus Ojos
7. El Cuervo y El Escribano
8. En Avion Hasta Acapulco
9. Por Tu Culpa
10. Amor Que Se Aleja .
11. Flor del Rio
12. Besitos de Mujer
13. La Rubia y La Morena
14. Me Persigue Tu Sombra
15. Te Quiero Mas
16. Mis Brazos Te Esperan
17. Las Nubes


Nigeria Special (1) - Bongos Ikwue

Nigeria has been one of the African countries with the greatest music scenes, giving the world the heavily political artists Fela Kuti and Sonny Okosun not to mention genres like afrorock and afrofunk. Today I will focus on 70's Nigerian pop artist Bongos Ikwue who from what I have gathered (not being Nigerian but hearing what Nigerians have said to me) was extremely popular and famous. At one point even becoming part of a scandal after his song Mariama was supposedly said to be about the Nigerian first lady.

I am posting a compilation of songs of his that I have found online and gathered, the audio on some is a bit rough but this is still great music. As a side note to anyone who cares if you listen to Bongos music and that of other Nigerian artists as well you will hear what seems like an influence from the classic American country music sound which to me is kind of interesting.
Hope you enjoy the music!

1.Never Never Say Never Again
2. Tear Drops
3. I've Found a Woman
4. Still Searching
5. Sitting On The Beach
6. Love My Girl
7. Mariama
8. You've Got To Help Yourself
9. So Far So Good
10.Woman Made The Devil

Part 2
1. No More Water in The Well
2. Show The Man Who Don't Need A Woman
3. Baby Let Me Go
4. What Am I To Do


Friday, September 9, 2011

The Clash - Street Rats Ultra Rare Trax

This is a great album for any Clash fan. It has a lot of demos and live versions of songs that are hard to find. You'll find everything from the cover of Roger Miller's King of The Road to some rough sounding live recordings from The Clash's beginning days.

London’s Burning (Polydor Demo version)
Cool confusion (alt. version)
white riot (1977 video promo)
Safe european home (06-09-81)
Janie Jones (06-09-81)
Washington Bullets (06-09-81)
Junko Pardner (11-27-82)
One More Time (11-27-82)
BankRobber (11-27-82)
Kill Time.
Pressure Drop (alternate version)
White man in hammersmith palais (live version)
King of the Road (Roger Miller cover)
Revolution rock (instrumental)
Oh Baby Oh
The Beautiful People are Ugly Too
Louie Louie (The Kingsmen cover)
Sitting at my party (09-05-76)
Deadly Serious (09-05-76)


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Francoise Hardy - All Over The World

This album features the magnificent French ye-ye artist Francoise Hardy singing in English, German, Italian, and though not on the original album I added two of her Spanish songs to this download. Francoise Hardy is without a doubt an icon of the 1960's and will always be remembered for her simple yet extremely attractive style and her soft gentle voice. Which be it in her native French or other language is always very seductive and soothing.
If you are not familiar with her or her style of music give it a chance and I promise you will not be disappointed!

1. Find Me A Boy
2. L Et Dell Amore
3. Il Tuo Migliore Amico
4. Die Liebe Geht
5. Il Saluto Del Mattino
6. Ich Hab Das Gluck
7. Catch A Falling Star
8. Wenn Dieses Lied Erklingt
9. However Much
10. Parlami Di Te
11. Only You Can Do It
12. La Tua Mano
13. The Rose
 14. Say It Now
15. Wer Du Bist
16. All Ove The World
17. This Little Heart
18. Ci Sono Cose Piu Grandi
 19. Autumn Rendez-Vous
20. Gli Altri     
PLUS (Spanish)
El Telefono Corte

Black Star LIner Reggae From Africa

Black Star Liner is a great album for anyone out there who has even a remote interest in reggae or also for the people out there who are more than experts on the genre. This album gives you a great introduction into some of the best groups to come out of 1970's Africa. Nigeria's Bongos Ikuwe, Sonny Okosun, Sir Victor Uwaifo and Cloud 7 or Sierra Leone's Sabanoh 75 are some worth mentioning. But really all the songs and artists on this album are great and I highly recommend it to anyone with any sort of interest in reggae or rock music.

Sonny Okosun - Third World

Sabanoh 75 - Carry On

Cloud 7 - You Can Make It

Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies - Still Searching

Sabanoh 75 - Leaking Heart

Victor Uwaifo & His Titibitis - Destiny

Miatta Fahnbulleh - Kokolioko

Sonny Okosun - Fire In Soweto


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