Thursday, February 21, 2013

Various Artists - Bloodstains Across Yugoslavia

Anybody who follows the blog will know that I am a very big punk rock fan being that bands like The Clash and The Ramones are some of my all time favorites. So I thought I would post some punk rock that is probably unknown to most people. The "Bloodstains" series compiles and releases punk rock from across the world. Bloodstains Across Yugoslavia gives you a chance to listen to some great punk music from the 1970's and 1980's which could easily rival any of  the more well known stuff from the UK and the US.
What one most also consider is that in Yugoslavia like most other East European countries at the time being a "punk" wasn't just a label it was something that could potentially get you in a lot of trouble with the authorities. Overall a great record definitely worth checking out for anyone who likes this genre of music.

1. Pekinška Patka - Bolje da Nosim Kratku Kosu
2. Pekinška Patka - Ori Ori
3. Pankrti - Lepi in Prazni
4. Paraf - Moj Život je Novi Val
5. Prljavo Kazalište - Majka
6. Problemi - Graz Izobilja
7. Termiti - Vremenska Prognoza
8. Kuzle - Smej Sei
9. Kuzle - Ostan Idiot
10. Kuzle - Vahid
11. Buldogi - Vkoto Sveta
12. Indust Bag - 100 dB
13. Lublanski Psi - TV (Veèerna Revolucija)
14. Pekinška Patka - Bila je Tako Lepa
15. Prljavo Kazaliste - Ja Sam Mladic u Najboljim Godinama
16. Paraf - T' Kao Krava
17. Pankrti - Kruha in Iger
18. Pankrti - Jest Sem na Liniji
19. Pankrti - Sedemnajst
20. Paraf - Visokotiražni Mir
21. Pekinska Patka - Kratkovidi Magarac
22. Pekinska Patka - Kontracepcija


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Prince Buster - Fabulous Greatest Hits

Prince Buster the king of ska and also one of the greatest musicians to come out of Jamaica. He was one of the first Jamaican artists that I listened to after being introduced to his music by the British 2-Tone bands of the 1980's like The Specials and Madness who covered some of his songs. Until fairly recently he was still doing live tours however Prince Buster's heyday was in the 1960's as he was a pioneer of both ska and rocksteady music. He is known for his often comedic lyrics just have a listen to "10 Commandments" (which has got to be a feminists worst nightmare) or "Big Five" (which at the time was considered extremely crude and thus censored by almost all radio stations in Britain and Jamaica). This album has some great tracks everything from fast paced ska that will make you want to move along to the beat. To the slower and sweeter sounds of rocksteady. I really recommend this one if you want an introduction to one of the greatest musicians to come out of Jamaica or simply just want some great music to add to your collection

 1. Madness
2. Al Capone
3. Wash Wash
4. God Son
5. It's Burke's Law
6. 10 Commandments
7. Blackhead Chineman
8. 30 Pieces of Silver
9. Hard Man Fe Dead
10. Earthquake
11. Judge Dread
12. Ghost Dance
13. Take it Easy
14. Too Hot
15. My Girl
16. This is a Hold Up
17. Shaking Up Orange Street
18. Big Five
19. Rough Rider
20. Wreck a Pum Pum
21. Julie On My Mind
22. Pharaoh House Crash
23. Tie the Donkey's Tail
24. Finger


Various Artists- Paris After Dark

I recently picked up this CD at a used record store and was really impressed with all the great music that it contains. Paris After Dark compiles songs from the 1920's - 1950's or the classic French chanson period of music. This is the type of music that would play in the cabaret and even brothels of the city during this time period even as the Nazi occupation of France was in full swing during the 1940's the music remained. Highly recommend this one to anyone with any interest in music from France or just from this time period in general as you will not be disappointed by this great little CD.

1. La Mer - Charles Trenet
2. Hymne a l'amour - Edith Piaf
3. J'attendrai - Tino Rossi
4. Ma Tonkinoise (La Petite Tonkinoise) - Josephine Baker
5. Valentine - Maurice Chevalier
6. Je cherche un millionnaire - Mistinguett
7. Embrasse-moi cheri - Lucienne Delyle
8. Pigalle - Georges Ulmer
9. Le chaland qui passe - Lys Gauty
10. Sur ma vie - Les Compagnons de la Chanson
11. La vie en rose - Edith Piaf
12. Parlez-moi d'amour - Lucienne Boyer
13. Ces petites choses - Jean Sablon
14. Mon Homme - Mistinguett
15. J'ai deux amours - Josephine Baker
16. Boum! - Charles Trenet
17. La java bleue - Frehel
18. Le Fiacre - Jean Sablon
19. Les trois cloches - Edith Piaf
20. C'est a Capri - Tino Rossi

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Bhundu Boys - Shed Sessions 1982 - 1986

Today we will take a trip all the way to East Africa, specifically to the country of Zimbabwe to listen to the epic sound of The Bhundu Boys. The Bhundu Boys played traditional music from Zimbabwe but with a mixture of rock, disco, and even country. They developed their own sound to the point that they basically created a new genre of music known as "jit". The Shed Sessions will give you a very good introduction to this group and their completely unique style. While also giving you an introduction to some of the coolest music and greatest guitar work to come out of Africa.

CD 1
01    Une Shuwa Here - Part 1        
02     Une Shuwa Here - Part 2        
03     Kuroja Chete    
04     Chekudya Chose        
05     Zvichatinetsa        
06     Pachedu        
07     Kumbirayi        
08     Nhai Mukoma        
09     Hupenyu Hwangu    
10     Faka Puresha        
11     Ziva Kwawakabva    
12     Shabhini        
13     Wakandiparadzisa Musha        
14     Ndipo Mari Yangu
CD 2
01    Zvandinetsa         
02     Wakasikirei Satani    
03     Dai Ndakaziva         
04     Wenhamo Haaneti         
05     Pendeke         
06     Hatisi Tose        
07     Vakaparei         
08     Baba Munini Francis         
09     Wafungeyiko         
10     Tsvimbodze Moto         
11     Manhenga         
12     Kupedza Muto         
13     Chimanimani         
14     Simbimbino         
15     Muchihwa