Friday, January 27, 2012


I have begun to replace the download links to megaupload for new working download links. This may take some time to completely finish but I will try my best to replace all the download links currently not working as soon as possible 

Estoy empezando a remplazar los links que no funcionan por links nuevos que no van a la pagina de megaupload. Esto puede que me tome un poco de tiempo pero tratare de remplazar todos los links lo antes posible. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Due to the Stop Online Piracy Act currently being discussed in the United States government Megaupload the site that I used to upload the music for this blog has been shut down. This means that all the download links on this blog as of now do not work. However it may take some time but in the coming weeks I hope to reupload all of the material that was on the blog so that it can once again be available for download. I will make a new post as soon as I start this process and then as soon as I finish it.

Devido a las iniciativas contra la pirateria que actualmente se estan discutiendo en el gobierno de Estados Unidos la pagina Megaupload que es la pagina que usaba para subir la musica del blog a sido cerrada. Esto significa que todos los links para bajar musica por el momento no funcionaran, pero en las proximas semanas tratare de volver a subir toda la musica que estaba en el blog para que asi otra vez este disponible para bajarse. Hare un anuncio en caunto empieze a canbiar los links y lo volvere hacer en cuanto termine de cambiar todos los links. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Clash - Lost Treasures

This is a great bootleg with some Clash material that I did not even know existed until very recently. I would probably not recommend this if you are just starting to listen to The Clash or are just someone who liked their more popular songs as I think this is one of those albums that though it has great tracks is made more for the die hard fans.

1 Clash City Rockers (Original Mix)
2 White Man In Hammersmith Palais (Alternate Version)
3 Danger Love (Kris Needs Vocal)
4 Like A Tiger (Kris Needs Vocal)
5 The Cost Of Living (Radio Advert)
6 Rockers Galore (Mickey Dread Vocal)
7 Magnificent Seven (European Remix)
8 Outside Broadcast (Radio Clash Alternate Mix)
9 Radio One (Mickey Dread Vocal)
10 Radio Five (Radio Clash Alternate Mix)
11 The Further Adventures (Futura 2000 Vocal)
12 The Magnificent Dance (European Remix)
13 The Further Adventures (Dub Version)
14 Inoculated City (Original Version)
15 House Of The Ju Ju Queen (Janie Jones Vocal)
16 Sex Machine (Janie Jones Vocal)
17 This Is England (Dub Version)
18 Sex Mad Road (Flipside Twelve)
19 Fingerpoppin' (A O R Remix)


Monday, January 2, 2012

Francoise Hardy

I was asked by someone if I could post more Francoise Hardy material so I will but instead of the usual albums to download I thought I would post something a bit different. These are some somewhat rare Francoise Hardy videos and photos that I have found over time and I am sure many people who have not seen them would enjoy.
That is all for revoir