Thursday, July 10, 2014

Los Saicos - Punk From Peru 1965

When people talk about the precursors to punk rock bands like The Stooges or The Velvet Underground are likely to be mentioned. However there is a little known band from mid 1960's Peru that was already playing the style of music that some years later would become synonymous with punk. Fast and loud songs became a calling card of Los Saicos. Their most famous song "Demolicion" can only be described as having lyrics expressing the complete opposite of the mainstream 1960's peace and love culture. If you are interested in punk rock or garage rock then I really recommend giving Los Saicos a listen and if you would like to learn more about the band there is now even a short documentary about them on youtube worth checking out.
01- Come On
02- Ana
03- DemoliciĆ³n
04- Lonely Star
05- Camisa De Fuerza
06- Cementerio
07- Besando a Otra
08- Intensamente
09- Te Amo
10- Fugitivo De Alcatraz
11- Salvaje
12- El Entierro De Los Gatos