Saturday, September 10, 2011

Los Alegres de Teran - Vol 1

Los Alegres de Teran were the ones responsible for making musica norteña (literally translated as northern music) popular throughout Mexico. The style of music has its roots when German and other European immigrants made their way to northern Mexico bringing with them the accordion and music styles like polka. This new music mixed with other styles that were already present in Mexico. Los Alegres de Teran made up of accordionist Eugenio Abrego and bajo sexto player Tomás Ortiz formed in the 1940's and introduced this style of music to the rest of the country, eventually recording over 100 LP's.
Here is a small sample of the songs they recorded, something definitely worth checking out for any fan of the genre or of Mexican music in general.
1. Alma Enamorada
2. Desilusion
3. Florita del Alma
4. Coranzoncito Tirano
5. Dos Favores
6. Tus Ojos
7. El Cuervo y El Escribano
8. En Avion Hasta Acapulco
9. Por Tu Culpa
10. Amor Que Se Aleja .
11. Flor del Rio
12. Besitos de Mujer
13. La Rubia y La Morena
14. Me Persigue Tu Sombra
15. Te Quiero Mas
16. Mis Brazos Te Esperan
17. Las Nubes


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