Thursday, May 23, 2013

Various Artists - El Lado Mexicano Part 1

Today we go back to Mexico but this time for some pure classic 60's rock. Much the same as I mentioned with Mexican SKA in my previous post early Mexican rock never really received much recognition outside of the country. The Mexican rock scene of the 1960's was very large and obviously influenced by the artists in Britain and the US. Many Mexican bands in fact focused on doing Spanish covers of British and American songs while others just developed a sound of their own. "El Lado Mexicano" is a series with various parts that gives an introduction into the wide world of what is early Mexican rock. I highly recommend this download to anyone with any interest in pure rock music as you will not be disappointed with all the great material that this download contains.
01 Famous Finks - C'mon and Swim
02 Las Chics - Samba Lulu
03 Los Gliders - Algo Un Poco Diferente
04 Los Hooligans - Revoltosa
05 Los Intocables - No hay que ser
06 Los Tepetatles - Teotihuacan A Go Go
07 Los Temerarios - Extrañado
08 Los Happy Boys - Tarzan el Hombre Mono
09 Los Flammers - Vallery
10 Apocalipsis - Lovey Dovey
11 Apocalipsis - Try It (Pruebalo)
12 Los Fugitivos - Borracho
13 Los Fugitivos - El Tren
14 Los Fugitivos - Marcando el paso
15 Los Fugitivos - Stop
16 Los Monstruous - Vamos hay
17 Los Monjes - Apresurat
18 Los Monjes - No debes mentir
19 Los Monjes - Los ruidos en la ciudad
20 Los Yaki - Sor ye ye
21 Los Ovnis - Cuando era niño
22 Los Ovnis - Mary Mary
23 Los Sleepers - Hermanita
24 Los Sleepers - Ojos De Araña
25 Los Profetas - Herido
26 Los Profetas - Loco estaré
27 Los Zignos - Pop yo te quiero
28 Los Zignos - Puedo amarte
29 Flying Karpets - Winter song


Monday, May 6, 2013

Clasicos del Ska Mexicano (Classic Mexican Ska)

When the genre of Ska comes up the two countries that most people instantaneously think of are Jamaica and England. Jamaica being the birthplace of this music and England were it reached a wider audience. However there is one country that unfortunately has been largely forgotten in the history of Ska and that is Mexico. As any Mexican can tell you Mexico is a very diverse country with influences from just about every corner of the globe and the music is a prime example of this. Now looking at the music industry of Mexico and Jamaica in the 1960's both shared one crucial similarity and that was that record labels were all competing trying to put out the best "sounds" be it things influenced from the rock n' roll scene in the US and in Britain or homegrown stuff. In 1965 though a musician by the name of Toño Quirazco traveled to Jamaica and brought back the beats and sounds of Ska making it a huge hit in the country and also making Mexico one of the first countries outside of the Caribbean to start playing the new music genre. Unfortunately many of the artists and Ska songs from this era are almost impossible to find as the majority of people and even some record labels had no idea of their Jamaican heritage and thus just labeled them under the generic rock or tropical music genre labels making any mention of Mexican Ska in the history books almost non-existent.
Here I have put together a small compilation of some of the best of early Mexican Ska with a main focus on

Toño Quirazco who is the one that brought the genre to Mexico. For anyone who is familiar with this style of music you will be able to see in these songs some major influences from classic Jamaican bands like The Skatalites and Toots & The Maytals.
If you are a fan of ska, reggae, Jamaican or Mexican music than I highly recommend you give this a listen as you will not be disappointed 

1. Pily Gao - Mi Novio Esquimal (My Boy Lolipop)
2. Toño Quirazco - Merida Ska
3. Toño Quirazco - La Familia (Shame And Scandal)
4. Jorge Querol con Los Go-Go - Rudi Enamorado (Rudy's In Love)
5. Toño Quirazco - Jala De La Cuerda (Monkey Man)
6. Mayte Gaos - Susi La Coqueta (Runaround Sue)
7. Toño Quirazco - La Mucura
8. Las Misioneras de La Montaña (Monjitas A Go-Go) - Sonreir
9. Toño Quirazco - Ska de Los Santos
10. Toño Quirazco - Xalapa Ska
11. Toño Quirazco - Estambul Ska (Freedom Sounds)