Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tumbele! Biguine Afro & Latin Sounds From the French Carribean 1963-1974

Unlike the music from Jamaica and the English speaking Caribbean the music of the French Caribbean is for the most part unknown outside of the French speaking world. Tumbele presents music from the French speaking islands of Haiti and the islands Guadeloupe and Mountinique which if I am not mistaken to this day are still governed by Paris. The music on this album is a mixture of Congolese rumba, Hatian compas, and Cuban guguancos and biguine which all mixed together to form the unique style of Tumbele. This music is testament to the inmense multi-cultural past that this part of the world has had. Also I really recommend this album if you like any sort of music that features electric guitar as some of the songs on here have some of the coolest guitar riffs and solos that you will hear.
. Barel Coppet Et Mister Lof - Jeunesse Vauclin (3:05)
2. Les Loups Noirs D’Haiti - Jet Biguine (3:26)
3. Abel Zenon - Pas O Soué La (2:15)
4. Raphael Zachille - Manzè Mona (2:46)
5. Robert Mavounsy Quartet - Henri Te Vlé Mayé (2:46)
6. L’Orchestre Jeunesse de Paul-Emile Haliar - La Vie Critique (2:21)
7. Orchestre Combo Zombi Et Michel Yeye - Mussieu A Têt’a Poisson La (2:34)
8. Les Kings - Oriza (4:00)
9. Claude Rolcin Et Le West Indian Combo - Colas-La (2:10)
10. Anzala, Dolor, Vélo - Ti Fi La Ou Té Madam’ (5:25)
11. Leopards - D’Leau Coco (5:04)
12. Ensemble La Perfecta - Jojo (4:48)
13. Le Ry-Co Jazz - Dima Bolane (4:09)
14. Lola Martin - Edamise Oh! (4:25)
15. Les Aiglons De Basse Terre - Chombo Meringue (2:37)
16. Les Gentlemens - Son Tambou La (3:48)
17. L’Ensemble Abricot - Chonga (5:20)
18. Francisco - Fileo (2:30)
19. Monsieur Dolor Et Les Guitar Boys - Panty (5:28)
20. Robert Loison - Jean Fouillé, Pie Fouillé (5:09)

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  1. Thanks a bunch for these exiting tunes - I just love your blog, nad have swept through it all. I'm a big fan of Françoise Hardy as well
    Again thanks for all your hard work keeping this blog going
    Best wishes for you - Vagn Rose from Denmark

    1. Hi Vagn Rose
      Thank You I am very glad to hear you have enjoyed my blog!
      I will try to keep posting more music from around the stay tuned!

      Best Wishes