Sunday, April 29, 2012

Los Alegres de Teran Vol. 2

Here is another great album of Los Alegres de Teran. For followers of the blog you will know from previous posts that Los Alegres de Teran were the ones responsible for making northern Mexican music popular throughout Mexico and even in the United States. This album has some great songs that are definitely worth giving a listen to. Personal favorites of mine are Modesta Ayala, Quisiera Ser Pajarillo, and Moneda Sin Valor.

Aqui les dejo otro gran album de Los Alegres de Teran. Les recomiendo mucho este album ya que trae muchas canciones clasicas de este grupo. Entre estas mis favoritas y las que yo mas les recomiendo son Modesta Ayala, Quisiera Ser Pajarillo, Moneda Sin Valor

1. Tu Nuevo Carinito
2. Modesta Ayala
3. Rosa Roja
4. Vengo a Verte
5. Que Tienes en Tus Ojos
6. Noche de Estrellas
7. Vuelve Pronto
8. Quisiera Ser Pajarillo
9. Mujer Sin Alma
10. Te Quiero
11. Moneda Sin Valor
12. Que Voy a Hacer
13. Una Viuda Con Dinero
14. 40 Cartas
15. Que Sacrificio
16. Albur Perdido

Friday, April 13, 2012

Surf & Hot Rod Rock

As I prepare for a more than likely vacation to California this summer I have been trying to make sure everything is ready for said vacation and of course music is no exception. Of course what better music to listen to while at the beach in California than some classic surf and hot rod rock? This particular style of music was popular in the 1950's and 1960's as the surfing and hot roding movements gained popularity in the west coast of the United States. While most people have probably heard of The Beach Boys or a song like Wipeout there are many other great artists and songs from these genres that never gained such popularity. In this small compilation which I have put together I will attempt to introduce some of this great music which can only be properly enjoyed under the California Sun.

1. The 101ers - Surf City
2. Four Speeds - Cheater Slicks
3. The Rip Chords - Hey Little Cobra
4. The Hondells - Little Honda
5. The Ramones - California Sun
6. The Four Speeds - RPM
7. The Surfaris - Wipeout
8. The Chantays - Pipeline
9. The Rip Chords - XKE (Plus commentary)
10. The Rivieras - California Sun
11. The Surfaris - Point Panic
12. The Ventures - Blue Moon
13. The Woofers - Dragster on the Prowl
14. Link Wray - Viva Zapata