Friday, September 23, 2011

The 101'ers - Smokey Joe's Cafe

I've been a fan of Joe Strummer and The Clash since I was about 13. For about the same length of time I've been a fan of his first band The 101'ers however until very recently did I come to find out that this album (Smokey Joe's Cafe) existed. For anyone who has heard Elgin Avenue Breakdown (101'ers first album) then you will already be familiar with the music style on here. However for those who have never heard this band before it is a great mix of classic rock and roll with rockabilly and really is just great music worth checking out.

01 Gloria
02 Rabies
03 Keys To Your Heart
04 Surf City Instrumental
05 Sweet Revenge
06 Surf City Pathway
07 5 Star Rock And Roll
08 Surf City Interrupted
09 Studio Chatter Pathway
10 Keys To Your Heart
11 Unknown Song
12 Sweet Revenge
13 Monkey Business
14 Shake Your Hips
15 Junco Partner
16 Don't Let Go
17 Surf City
18 Sweet Revenge
19 Sweet Revenge
20 Surf City
21 Keys To Your Heart
22 Heartbreak Hotel
23 Heartbreak Hotel

CD2: (Live)
01 Bonnie Moronie
02 Letsagetabitarockin'
03 Shake Your Hips
04 Hoy Hoy
05 Heartbreak Hotel
06 Cho Cho O'Boogie
07 Smokey Joe's Cafe
08 Johnny B. Goode
09 Oh Carol
10 Out Of Time
11 I'm Down
12 Route 66
13 Who Do Ya Love
14 Silent Telephone
15 Monkey Business
16 Junco Partner
17 Be Bop A Lula
18 Steamgauge 99
19 Hideaway
20 I Saw Her Standing There
21 Slippin' And Slidin'
22 Willie And The Hand Jive
23 Sweety Of The St. Moritz
24 Motor Boys Motor
25 Roll Over Beethoven
26 Gloria (Edited)


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