Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vicky & Lovy du Zaire 1970-1973

 It has been awhile since I last posted any music but I have been very busy with school recently and have had little time to upload music however there qas some spare time today so I hope everyone enjoys this post.
On a previous post here on the blog I mentioned that one of my favorite music genres is Congolese rumba and that one best artists I had found in this genre was Vicky & Lovy du Zaire. Today we have some more music from this amazing genre and group. I highly recommend this album if you enjoy rumba or would like to have an introduction to the genre.

 Invocation (Vicky Longomba)

 Eulalie Mwana Mandona (Vicky Longomba)

 Conseil d'Ami (Vicky Longomba)

 Balingi Basombela Ngai Liwa (Vicky Longomba)

 Marceline Mama na Bebe (Vicky Longomba)

 Thomas Kinshasa Monoko (Vicky Longomba)

 Nalingi nde Maloba Sukali (Vicky Longomba)

 Leonie Mbongo (Vicky Longomba)

 Atoini (Vicky Longomba)

 Ah Marie-Josée Bandeko (Vicky Longomba)

 Rendez-Vous na Zoo (Vicky Longomba)

 Lovy du Zaire (Vicky Longomba)

Bolingo Ekeyi na Motio (Youlou Mabiala)

Ba Suites ya Vatican (Youlou Mabiala)

Nakobala ata Mongamba (Mose Fanfan)


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

V.A. - Central America In The 1960's and 1970's

When one thinks of the countries of Central America during the 1960's and 1970's the images that come to mind are those of military dictatorships, communist guerrillas, and wars that would have an impact on the region for decades to come. However during this same time period many countries in the region experienced what is often described as a "golden age" of music. Here is a small compilation that I have put together featuring music from various artists and various countries. Throughout you can hear the clear influence that some of the popular western genres like rock an ye-ye had on the local bands sometimes getting mixed with an added tropical flavor. Great download to check out for anyone interested in music from these two decades and for anyone curious about this part of the world that to most outsiders is not really known for its music.

1. Los Jets- Actuar Naturalmente (Guatemala)
2. The Bad Boys de Managua - Espejismo (Nicaragua)
3. La Unidad 5 - Te Quiero (Guatemala)
4. Los Catrachos Boys - Me Voy Para El Puerto (Honduras)
5. Los Traviesos - Aplanadora de Corazones (Guatemala)
6. Grupo Eva - Runaway (Guatemala)
7. Los Flame Boys - Yo Recuerdo (Honduras)
8. Los Music Masters - Karla (Nicaragua)
9. Los Panzers - Mujer Ideal (Nicaragua)
10. Los Jets - Ilusion (Guatemala)
11. Roberto Garcia y Los Speed - Un Lugar En El Cielo (Honduras)
12. Los Panzers - Viajera (Nicaragua)
13. Los Music Masters - Me Piden (Nicaragua)
14. Los Way - En El Ayer (Guatemala)
15. Victor Manuel Porras - La Gallinita Josefina (Guatemala)
16. Los Vikings de Usulutan - Y En Cambio Tu (El Salvador)
17. Los Mauraders - Asesinato En La 10a Avenida (Guatemala)
18. Los Prince - Dulce Dulce (Guatemala)
19. Pastel de Fresa - Tienes Que Volver Este Verano (Guatemala)
20. Los 007 - Tus Ojos Pardos (Nicaragua)
21. Los Jets - Un Sueno Azul (Guatemala)
22. Los Beats - Veronica (El Salvador)


Monday, December 16, 2013

Los Alegres de Teran - Recordando A Los Valientes

I have been very busy with school the past semester and so have not posted much in some time but today we go back to Mexico to listen to one of my favorite artists from the northern part of the country, Los Alegres de Teran. I have posted some of their music before and mentioned that they are the ones who are mainly responsible for making "musica norteña" popular throughout the country as well as internationally. This particular album "Recordando A Los Valientes" (Remembering The Brave Ones) is made up of songs dedicated to some of the various heroes of Mexico. People like Heraclio Bernal who many years before the 1910 Mexican Revolution was already fighting to overthrow the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz. 
This is an excellent album if you enjoy north Mexican music and as in typical "corrido" fashion you would like to learn some history while enjoying your music.

01 Recordando A Los Valientes
02 Heraclio Bernal
03 Ingnacio Bernal
04 Jesús Cadena
05 Juan Charrasqueado
06 Joaquin Murrieta
07 Benito Canales
08 Los Dos Hermanos
09 Corrido De Rafailita
10 Gregorio Cortez

Friday, November 8, 2013

V.A. - Radio Zid - Rock Under The Siege Sarajevo

I will say that for the most part I am not the greatest fan of live albums however the one I am bringing to you today is one of those few exceptions and the story behind this album makes it all the more amazing.  Rock Under The Siege was put together in 1995 in Sarajevo in the middle of the longest military siege in modern history. Prior to the war in Bosnia, Sarajevo had been a center for many rock, punk, ska, etc. bands that had been influenced by their peers in the west. As the war commenced Radio Zid became one of the only radio stations in all of Sarejvo to continue broadcasting music. Often times resulting n many DJs and radio broadcasters literally risking or losing their lives simply trying to get to their work. In 1995 in the midst of some of the most intense fighting Radio Zid put together a concert with some of the bands that remained in Sarejvo. There is some great material on this album however I will go ahead and say that my version is not complete it only contains a few tracks from what would be the full album. Even an actual physical copy seems almost impossible to find online so if anyone knows where to find or buy the full album please let me know. None the less the version I am uploading has some great material, personal favorites are the live and studio versions of Sara's Dream by Lezi Majmune.  Check this album out it is a great introduction into the little known rock scene of Bosnia and the former Yugoslavia a great album worth giving a listen to.
 1. Down - Mainthing
2. Green Cheese - Ovjek U Plavom
3. Hindustan Motors - Ponekad Pomislim
4. Lezi Majmune - Sara's Dream
5. Lezi Majmune - Sara's Dream (Studio)
6. Protest - Sarajevo Feeling
7. Sikter - Gurda


Monday, October 28, 2013

V.A. Studio One - Scorcher Instrumentals

Today we have something for any lovers of reggae and jazz that may be out there. As any fan of reggae can tell you the Studio One record label is synonymous with some of the best artists and music to come out of Jamaica. One of the greatest assets of Studio One was its amazing selection of instrumental players who would put down tracks in the 1960's and 70's that to this day continue to influence the Jamaican music scene. This included  groups and musicians like The Skatalites, Jackie Mittoo, The Soul Vendors, and Tommy McCook all of  which can be heard on this album. This album does an amazing job of highlighting the amazing instrumental tracks that were produced during the golden age of Jamaican music as well as demonstrating the influence that outside music had on the Jamaican music scene.The influence of jazz will clearly be seen in these tracks. Not to mention tracks like Lester Sterling's - African Beat which is clearly based on the classic Afrikkaan Beat by Bert Kaempfert. Overall this is a great album which I highly recommend as there is no way any music lover could be disappointed with these classic Studio One tracks.

The Skatalites - Coconut Rock
Cedric Im Brooks & The Sound Dimension - Mun Dun Go
The Skatalites & Tommy McCook & Richard Ace - Shockers Rock
The Soul Vendors - Ringo Rock
Jackie Mittoo & Ernest Ranglin - Jericho Skank
New Establishment - The People Skanking
Karl Bryan & The Afrokats - Money Generator
Lester Sterling - Afrikaan Beat
The Sound Dimension - Heavy Rock
Sugar Belly - In Cold Blood
The Skatalites & Don D. Junior - Heavenless
The Soul Vendors - Bugaloo
Vin Gordon - Red Blood
Pablo Black - Push Pull
Jackie Mittoo & Brentford Rockers - Sidewalk Doctor
Liberation Group - Namibia
The Brentford Road All Stars - Last Call
The Soul Defenders - Still Calling
Karl Bryan & Count Ossie - Black 


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Various Artists - Cracks in The Iron Curtain Part 1

Today's post comes from the great blog over at which I highly recommend checking out if you are a fan of pure 60's rock. This compilation basically captures what were many of the 60's era artists in Eastern Europe. Of course what one must keep in mind is that at this time period in almost any East European country playing any form of rock or western music could get you a lot of unwanted attention from the government. Records and recordings for a lot of these groups were often quite rare since the material was almost entirely homemade. If you are a fan of any type of rock music especially the classic stuff from the 60's then I highly recommend giving this compilation a listen.

01/ Franke Echo Quintett - Show-Beat (GDR)
02/ Ruth Brandin & Sputniks - Mich hat noch keiner beim Twist geküsst (GDR)
03/ Eolika – Minikleitina (RU, LAT)
04/ Henryk Fabian & Czerwono-Czarni - Nie o tobie dzisiaj myślę (PL)
05/ Frank Schöbel & Team 4 - Es gibt nicht nur Dich (GDR)
06/ Siostry Panas - Wakacyjna piosenka (PL)
07/ Miki Volek & Olympic - Skinny Minnie (CZ)
08/ Lel' - Карие глаза (RU)
09/ Pięciolinie - Roztańczone niebo (PL)
10/ Pięć Linii - Pożegnanie ze szkołą (PL)
11/ Wojciech Gąssowsk & Tajfuny - Przejdzmy Wreszcie Na Ty (PL)
12/ Mètro- Boys (HU)
13/ George & Beatovens - Why Do You Leave Me (CZ)
14/ Chochoły - Amor a kysz (PL)
15/ Polanie- Dlaczego tak traktujesz mnie (PL)
16/ Atlantis -Drága bakter úr (HU)
17/ Beatmen- Keby som bol Nór (CZ)
18/ Ada Rusowicz & Niebiesko Czarni - Nie pukaj do moich drzwi (PL)
19/ Beatings -Znám muže (CZ)
20/ Niebiesko-Czarni - Tak mi źle (PL)
21/ Illes- Little Richard (HU)
22/ Maria Mitseva & Shturcite- Pticite nyamat senki (BU)
23/ Synkopy 61 - Byl jednou jeden král (CZ)
24/ Czerwone Gitary- Cztery Pory Roku (PL)
25/ Skaldowie- Medytacje wiejskiego listonosza (PL)
26/ Koncz Zsuzsa & Illes - Szoke Anni Balladaja (HU)


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Please Read

I recently received various e-mails from (file sharing site that I use) about people reporting lots of my uploads as ones that infringe on copyright laws and thus would be removed from the site.
So please if you see any links that are dead and no longer working let me know and I will try to re-upload the material.
Also to the people who are reporting my uploads for copyright infringement, the music and other material on this blog is not being posted for any sort of material gain. All content is merely posted with the intent of opening an avenue for listeners to be exposed to music they might not have known about previously and this way may become interested in buying original material which will support the actual artists and musicians featured in this blog.