Monday, September 12, 2011

Los Alegres de Teran - Revolucion Mexicana

The Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920 was an extremely important event in the country's history politically, socially, and also musically. During the war "corridos" (short songs about an important person or place or something like that) developed as a way to spread news of what was happening in the front. Songs were written detailing one general's great victory over another at a certain city and the song would spread as a way to communicate the news to people throughout the country. Here is a small sample of songs done by Los Alegres de Teran. All of these (except for Corrido del Norte) share one thing in common being that they were all written detailing the exploits of General Francisco (Pancho) Villa and his men such as General Felipe Angeles. These are definitely worth checking out as they do a great job of describing why many of these men are still seen as heroes to most Mexicans. 

1. Corrido Villista
2. El Siete Leguas
3. La Persecusion de Villa
4. La Tumba de Villa
5. El Corrido del Norte
6. Corrido de Felipe Angeles
7. El Mayor de Los Dorados


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