Thursday, March 1, 2012

Joe Strummer and The Latino Rockabilly War (Live in Manchester 1988)

A great album for any Clash, Joe Strummer, or just rock fan in general. This album features some of Joe's work after The Clash disbanded with his band The Latino Rockabilly War. This bootleg is extremely rare as it is probably some of the only live audio out there of Joe playing with Latino Rockabilly War. Highly recommend checking this one out as it has a bit for everyone everything from classic Clash tunes to a Carlos Santana and more great material.

1.Shouting Street
2.Nothin Bout Nothin
3.Somebody Got Murdered
4.The 15th Birgade
5.Spanish Bombs
6.Sightsee MC
7.Armagideon Time
8.Unknown Immortal
9.Love Kills
10.Police & Thieves
11.Junco Partner
12.Ride A Donkey
13.Love Of The Common People
14.If I should Fall From The Grace of God
15.I Fought The Law
16.Straight To Hell
17.Ubangi Stomp
18.Brand New Cadillac
19.Police On My Back
20.Tropic Of No Return
21.Trash City
22.Oye Como Va (Carlos Santana Cover)
23.London Calling 


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