Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lynn Taitt and The Jets - Hold Me Tight 1965-1973 Anthology

 This is probably one of the best rocksteady albums you will ever find. Hold Me Tight does an amazing job of compiling some great tracks of "rocksteady" which was the popular music genre in 60's and early 70's Jamaica that would lead to what most people know as reggae. Hold Me Tight is made up of two CD's the first one containing purely instrumental songs and the second one containing various rocksteady classics.
I highly recommend this one to anyone as this album seems to have something for every music taste.

Disc 1
  • 1.Storm Warning
  • 2.Smoky Places
  • 3.Stream Of Life
  • 4.I Don't Want To See You Cry
  • 5.Nice Time
  • 6.You Have Caught Me
  • 7.Napoleon Solo
  • 8.Pressure And Slide
  • 9.Long Story
  • 10.Soloman
  • 11.Soul Shot
  • 12.The Last Waltz
  • 13.Why Did You Leave Me (To Cry)
  • 14.Mr Dooby
  • 15.Unity
  • 16.Only A Smile
  • 17.The Brush
  • 18.I Am The Upsetter Version
  • 19.Dreamland
  • 20.El Casino Royale
  • 21.Soul Food
  • 22.Why Am I Treated So Badly
  • 23.Batman
  • 24.Top Cat
  • 25.Intensified '68
  • 26.Rainbow Valley
  • 27.Adam Twelve
 Disc 2
  • 1.Rudies All Around
  • 2.Cool Collie
  • 3.Get On The Ball
  • 4.Listen To The Music
  • 5.Taking Love
  • 6.Cool It
  • 7.Leaving On That Train
  • 8.I'm Going Home
  • 9.Cool Night
  • 10.Seeing Is Knowing
  • 11.Right On Time
  • 12.She Said She Loves Me
  • 13.Crime Don't Pay
  • 14.Family War
  • 15.Girl You Ruff
  • 16.Fat Girl In Red
  • 17.I Want To Love You
  • 18.Joy In The Morning
  • 19.Send Requests
  • 20.Stop The Wedding
  • 21.Live Like A King
  • 22.Swing And Dine
  • 23.You Hurt My Soul
  • 24.Bring It On Home
  • 25.Hold Me Tight
  • 26.I Like Your World
  • 27.Can't You See




  1. Wow, what a treat! Thanks for sharing this music and thanks for this blog! I'm so excited to see what other great music we can discover.

    1. No problem and glad you are enjoying the music :)

  2. Replies
    1. No problem glad you enjoy it! :)