Friday, March 30, 2012

Hermanos Zaizar- Canciones de la Revolucion

 This is a great album that I highly recommend to anyone with even a remote interest in Mexican music. Some of the audio is a bit rough however the songs are still classics that date back around 100 years and Los Hermanos Zaizar are some of the best artists to have covered these songs. Also for anyone interested in a bit of military history take note of songs like La Adelita and La Rielera. These songs and others mention women in combat roles during the war. This is something that is rarely mentioned however the Mexican Revolution was one of the first conflicts were women were treated equally to their male counterparts in concern to combat roles. Some women were even known to have attained high ranking positions like commanders, colonels, and such.

 La Rielera
La Cucaracha
La Joaquinita
La Adelita
El adios del soldado
La Pajarera
Corrido a Pancho Villa
El Abandonado
Corrido de Cananea
La Valentina
Valentin de la Sierra

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