Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Standells - The Hot Ones

The Standells are a garage rock band from 1960's California, the first Standells song I ever heard was the cover of Good Guys Don't Wear White done by punk band Minor Threat. The Standells own style is very much almost like a mix of 60's rock and roll with what would later become known as punk rock in the 1970's. They were known by some people as "The Beatles of North America". The album that I am sharing here is one that compiles somewhat rare Standells covers of songs done by other artists such as The Beatles, The Monkees, Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs, etc. and is definitely worth downloading and giving a listen to.

1. Last Train To Clarksville
2. Wild Thing
3. Sunshine Superman
4. Sunny Afternoon
5. Lil' Red Riding Hood
6. Eleanor Rigby
 7. Black Is Black
8. Summer In The City
9. You Were The One
10. School Girl
 11. Ten O'Clock Scholar
12. When I Was A Cowboy
13. Don't Tell Me What To Do
14. Misty Lane
15. Standells' Love Theme

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