Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Ramones - Street Fighting Men

Another one by request this is a 2 CD compilation of rare Ramones tracks and demos

CD 1 :
01. I wanna be your boyfriend
02. Judy is a punk
03. I don't care
04. I can't be
05. Now I wanna sniff some glue
06. I don't wanna be learned/I don't wanna be tamed
07. You should never have opened that door
08. Blitzkrieg bop (Single version)
09. Needles & pins (Early version)
10. Slug
11. It's a long way back to Germany (U.K B-Side)
12. I don't care (Single version)
13. Sheena is a punk rocker (Single version)
14. I don't want you (Ed Stasium version)
15. Rock n' roll high school (Ed Stasium version)
16. Come back, she cried (A.K.A I walk out)
17. Yea, Yea
18. I want you around (Soundtrack version)
19. Danny says
20. I'm affected
21. Please don't leave
22. All the way
23. Do you remember rock'n' roll radio?
24. Touring (1981 version)
25. I can't get you out of my mind
26. Chop suey (Alternate version)
27. Sleeping troubles
28. Kicks to try
29. I'm not an answer
30. Stares in this town / Indian giver (Original mix)
01 Indian Giver (Original mix)
02. New girl in town
03. No one to blame
04. Roots of hatred
05. Bumming along
06. Unhappy girl
07. My-my kind of girl (Acoustic demo)
08. Street fighting man
09. Smash you
10. Howling at the moon
11. Planet earth 1988 (Dee Dee vocal version)
12. Daytime dilemma
13. Endless vacation
14. Danger zone (Dee Dee vocal version)
15. Out of here
16. Mama's boy
17. I'm not an answer (Dee Dee vocal version)
18. Too tough to die (Dee Dee vocal version)
19. No go
20. I don't want to go to the basement
21. 53rd & 3rd
22. I wanna be your boyfriend
23. Judy is a punk
24. Loudmouth
25. Carbona not glue
26. Can't say anything nice
27. Surfin' safari
28. Spiderman


  1. Thanks for posting these rarities. I have all the (good) albums, but it's a treat to hear some of these demos. Too bad they're only in 128; seems that's the only version of this floating around.

    1. I have some more rare Ramones stuff I'll try to post when I get a chance