Monday, November 21, 2011

Nigeria Special (3) Sir Victor Uwaifo - Guitar Boy Superstar

Victor Uwaifo is in my opinion the best guitarist to come out of the Nigerian music scene and could also rival any of the more well known guitarists of the Western World. Guitar Boy Superstar compiles some of his greatest hits though ironically the song Guitar Boy which is one of my favorites was left off you can find it on Youtube though.
If you play electric guitar or are a fan of any type of music that revolves around this instrument I highly recommend this album! A personal favorite on here is West African Safari which almost does make you feel like you're in a Range Rover going through the West African desert.

1. Kirikisi   
4.Egbe Natete   
6.Obodo Eyo  
 7.Talking Instruments 
9.Iye Iye Oh  
10.Mother Witch   
13.Osalobua Rekpama   
14.Do Lelezi   
18.Happy Day From Me To You   
19.West African Safari

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