Sunday, October 16, 2011

Orchestra Lovy Du Zaire

Congolese rumba is arguably one of my favorite styles of music with its incredible guitar work and great rhythms that make you forget all your troubles and make you just want to get up and dance. Orchestra Lovy Du Zaire is a group I came across online and have really enjoyed the few songs by them that I have been able to find and listen to. Here I compile them for you so you can enjoy this great music which so little people in the west know about.

1. Orchestra Lovy Du Zaire - Conseil Dami
2. Vicky Longomba & Lovy Du Zaire - Ba Cuites Ya Vatican
3. Vicky Longomba & Lovy Du Zaire - Invocation
4. Vicky Longomba & Lovy Du Zaire - Nakobala Ata Mongamba
5. Vicky Longomba & Lovy Du Zaire - Thomas Kinshasa Bomoko


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