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V.A.- 101 Meksikanska 1951-2011 - Mexican Music From Yugoslavia - Musica Mexicana de Yugoslavia

A few months back I was looking through some blogs for old rock music from the former Yugoslavia when I came across a genre I had never heard of before Yu-Mex. Instantly intrigued I decided to do more research into what Yu-Mex was. In the early 1950's Yugoslavia was still isolated from various countries. Yugoslav leader Josip Broz "Tito" had by this point had a falling out with Stalin and the Soviet Union and being a communist nation Yugoslavia was not exactly popular with the US. So they had to look to other nations for a source of music and entertainment and the main country of choice was Mexico. It just so happened that during this time period is when Mexico was experiencing what many consider a golden age of cinema and music thus Mexican music and movies were  an instant hit in Yugoslavia.

While this concept may seem strange at first considering these are two nations half a world apart it starts to make a lot more sense when one considers that traditional Mexican music has a lot of influence from the music of Central Europe. Needless to say that there was not much information online regarding this genre except for a few postings here and there. I finally was able to find this compilation 101 Meksikanska put together by Croatia Records in Zagreb. Though I had to wait for almost a month for it to arrive from Croatia this compilation is well worth the wait as it is incredibly interesting to hear the Yugoslav covers of classic Mexican songs. Songs like Las Mananitas, La Adelita, El Soldado de Levita and Guadalajara. Even more interesting is hearing the completely unique Yugoslav songs in local language perfectly done in various styles like mariachi and bolero.
The compilation also demonstrates how even to this day a lot of the pop music in the former Yugoslav countries has maintained a completely unique Mexican and Latin influence. Highly recommend giving this a listen and while I am making all 4 CDs available for download here I also would highly recommend buying the actual album from Croatia Records ( as it contains lots of information on the artists featured in the CDs as well as the history of Yu-Mex.

01 Mama Huanita (Las Mananitas Tapatias) - Trio Tividi 1961
02 Pjesma Pjanice - Vokalni Trio Jovanovic Dukic Tomljanovic 1958
03 Cetiri Staze (Cuatro Caminos) - Trio Tividi 1961
 04 Malaguena Salerosa - Trio (Mexicano) Los Caribes 1959
05 Princeza Indije (Hija de La Luna) - Vokalni Trio Jovanovic Dukic Tomljanovic 1958
 06 Aj Halisko (Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes) - Trio Tividi 1961
07 Bala Perdida - Trio Tenori 1961
08 Alla En El Rancho Grande - Trio (Mexicano) Los Caribes
09 El Soldado de Levita - Trio Tenori 1961
10 Vrati Se Ljubavi Moja (Luna de Sierra Morena) - Vokalni Trio Jovanovic Dukic Tomljanovic 1959
11 Ya Me Voy - Trio Tenori 1961
12 Momak Veseljak - Vokalni Trio Jovanovic Dukic Tomljanovic 1961
13 El Jinete - Trio (Mexicano) Los Caribes 1959
14 El Huamuahuaqueno (Carnavalito) - Trio (Mexicano) Los Caribes)
15 Vedro Nebo (Cielito Lindo) - Trio Tividi 1961
16 Galopera - Vokalni Trio Jovanovic Dukic Tomljanovic 1958
17 Caminito de Tu Corazon (Ay Ay Ay) - Vokalni Trio Jovanovic Dukic Tomljanovic 1958
18 Ay Cosita Linda, Mama - Trio (Mexicano) Los Caribes 1959
19 Kad Mesec Nad Gradom Prode (Rayito de Luna) - Vokalni Trio Jovanovic Dukic Tomljanovic 1961
20 TRN (Espinita) - Trio Tividi 1961
21 Vredas Me Draga (No Me Ofendas) - Vokalni Trio Jovanovic Dukic Tomljanovic 1961
22 SRCE (Aguanta Corazon) - Trio Tividi 1961
23 Cielite Linde - Trio Tenori 1961
24 TI-PI-TIN - Trio Tividi 1961
25 Floresita De Mi Cielo - Vokalni Trio Jovanovic Dukic Tomljanovic 1958
01 Pepita de Mallorca - Kvartet Magnifico 1962
02 Me Voy Pal Pueblo -Kvartet Magnifico 1962
03 Koliko Njeznosti (Caminito de Tu Corazon) - Trio Tividi 1962
04 Historja Na Edna Lyubov (Historia de Un Amor) - Kvartet Magnifico 1962
05 Cuculiga (La Calandria) - Kvartet Magnifico 1962
06 Za Tebe (No Se Que Pasa Conmigo) - Volkalini Instrumentalni Ansambl Dragana Tomljanica 1962
07 Cuccurrucu Paloma - Kvartet Magnifico 1962
08 Galopera - Trio Tividi 1962
09 Divini Meksiko - Nikola Karovic 1962
10 Ja Pustolov (Yo Soy El Aventurero) - Slavko Perovic 1963
11 Pesma Majci (Entre Copa y Copa) - Kvartet Paloma 1963
12 Ljudi Me Pitaju (El Carretero) - Slavko Perovic i Trio Paloma 1963
13 Kad Cujes Trubu (La Adelita) - Slavko Perovic i Trio Paloma 1963
14 Maria Chuchena - Kvartet Magnifico 1962
15 Divna Guadalajara (Plejaria Guadalupana) - Slavko Perovic i Rade Maric
16 Moj Meksiko (Como Mexico No Hay Dos) - Slavko Perovic i Rade Maric 1963

17 Ti, Samo Ti (Tu, Solo Tu) - Kvartet Paloma 1963
18 Casa Gorkih Suza - Slavko Perovic 1963
 19 Utrkujem Se Sa Suncem (Alla En El Rancho Grnade) - Trio Tividi 1962
 20 Aj, Cavela (Ay Chabela) -Slavko Perovic 1964
 21 Guadalajara - Trio Tenori 1964
 22 Zaljubljeno Srce (Corazon Apasionado) - Slavko Perovic 1964
 23 El Triste - Trio Tenori 1964
 24 Ja Prodajem Crne Oci (Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros) - Slavko Perovic i Trio Tenori 1964
 25 El Tirador - Trio Tenori 1964
01 Jedan Dan Zivota (Las Mananitas Mexicanas) - Slavko Perovic 1966
02 Praznik U Meksiku (Cancion Mexican) - Ana Milosavljevic 1978
03. Granada - Los Aguilas 1981
04 Goak Mi Je Zivot , Majko (Amargado de La Vida - Kvartet Tenori 1966
05 Pesma Za Karabin (Carabina 30-30) -  Slavko Perovic 1966
06 Kad Je Vlodim Neka Patim (El Cantinera) - Ljubomir Milic i Paloma 1967
07 S Tugom U Srcu (En Mala Hora) - Kvartet Tenori 1966
08 Ja Sam Pravi Mksikanac (Soy Puro Mexicano) - Slavko Perovic 1966
09. Pajarillo de La Sierra - Los Aguilas 1983
10. Bez Tebe (Camino de Guanajuato) - Slavko Perovic 1967
11. Oprosti (Los Laureles) - Kvartet Tenori 1966
12 Pesma Iz Krecme (Llego Borracho El Borracho) - Ljubomir Milic i Paloma
13 Provatka Nema - Nikola Karovic i Slavko Perovic
14 Kraj Jedne Ljunavi (Me Equivoque Contigo) - Ana Milosavljevic 1978
15. Tamne Noci (La Feria de Las Flores) -Ljubomir Milic i Paloma 1981
16. Les Rejas No Matan - Los Aguilas 1981
17. Ljubimac Zena (Viva Quien Sabe Querer) - Ljubomir Milic i Paloma 1967
18. Nocas Nek Placu Gitare (Gritenme Piedras del Campo) - Dolores 1994
19. Zene Zene (Huy huy huy Mariposa)- Slavko Perovic 1975
20. Pesma Rastanka - Nikola Karovic 1980
21. Kako Da Ti Oprostim (No te puedo perdonar) - Ana Milosavljenic 1978
22. Serenata Huasteca - Los Aguilas 1981
23. Obuci Cu Haljnu Bijelu (Mi Ranchito) - Dolores 1994
24. La Cucaracha - Los Aguilas 1983
25. La Bamba/Jarabe Tapatio - Los Caballeros 2006
01 Meksiko - Ivo Robic 1958
02. Reca Da Me Volis (Te Quiero Dijeste)  - Ivo Robic 19511
03. Pjesma Golubice (La Golondrina) - Miljensko Sutlovic 1952
04. Vaya Con Dios - Olga Miljkovic 1954
05.Halisko (Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes)- Predrag Cune Gojkovic 1961
06. Sombrero - Trio Tividi 1961
07. Vrbe -Stefan Zaric 1966
08. El Paso - Rafko Irgolic
09. Marija Elena - Ivica Serfezi 1967
10. Plavusa - Krunoslav Slabinac 1969
11.  Vise Se Neces Vratiti - Miso Kovac 1969
12. Placem (Mama Huanita/La Mananitas Tapatias) - Pro Arte 1970
13. Jedan Dan Zivota (Las Mananitas Mexicanas) - Miso Kovac 1985
14. Ja Nemam Vise Razloga Da Zivim - Miso Kovac 1986
15. Hvala Duso Moja - Oliver Dragojevic 1987
16. Malo Mi Je Jedan Zivot S Tobom - Miso Kovac 1987
17. Ne Budite Me Danas - Doris Dragovic 1987
18. Casa Gorkih Suza - Dusko Lokin 1988
19. Mi Imamos Mnogos Problemos - Duo Pegla 1987
20. Ljeto Nam Se Vratillo - The Animators 1995
21. Neka Se Drugi Raduju - Oliver Dragojevic 1990
22. Ako Odem Prijatelji - Zlatko Pejakovic 1992
23. Pistolero - Paden Band 1993
24. Tu No Llores Mi Querida - Goran Karan i Oliver Dragojevic 1999
25. Moje Ludo Srce - Drazen Zecici i El Combo 2009
26. La Paloma - Ivo Robic 1969


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