Thursday, October 16, 2014

SKA Hispano

In what unfortunately seems to be an all too common occurrence recently I've been away from the blog for awhile now but with some time to spare today I thought I would post something.
Some time back I made a post on SKA from Mexico and how outside of the Caribbean, Latin America was one of the regions were the new genre most quickly gained popularity. Yet more often than not most people and record labels in the region typically only considered SKA to be a dance and not an actual genre. Therefore a lot of SKA songs were merely thrown into the generic label of rock or 60's music making it very hard for anyone outside of the region to hear any of this work. Here is a small compilation of SKA and SKA influenced songs from the Spanish speaking world. The majority come from Mexico but there are songs from other countries to be found here. I highly recommend this download if you are a fan of not just SKA and Jamaican music but also if you are a fan of Latin music and 60's western rock/pop music as the influence from both can also clearly be heard.

1. Los Socios del Ritmo - La Pelirroja
2. Los Yorsys - Managua Nicaragua
3. Los Condes - No Me Ilusionare Mas
4. Las Exorcistas - El Mundo Es Un Conflicto
5. Los Aragon - Muneco de Cuerda (Puppet On A String)
6. Manolo Munoz - Se Te Nota
7. Los Millonarios - Jardin de Rosas (Rose Garden)
8. Angelica Maria - Ni Un Poquito de Amor
9. Manolo Munoz - Que Familia (Shame and Scandal)
10. Los Socios del Ritmo - Skokian
11. Las Cuatro Monedas - Lo Consigues Si Lo Quieres Tu ( You Can Get It If You Really Want It)
12. Los 80 Centavos - Baby Besame (Hold Me Tight)

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