Saturday, August 9, 2014

V.A. - 1970's Nigeria Pop

Many people may currently associate Nigeria with some rather negative things yet as evidenced in this blog Nigeria has produced some amazing music. This was especially true in the 1970's as Nigeria was coming out of a brutal civil war into a major oil boom. Thus giving the opportunity for many bands to play not just the politically charged music that the country is famous for but also very "poppy" style songs. Here I have put together a small compilation of some of my favorite old school Nigerian pop songs. There are some very cool songs in here and if you are any fan at all of music from Nigeria or Africa itself or if you just want an introduction into the music of this country then I recommend giving this one a listen.

1. Cloud 7 - Beautiful Woman
2. Bongos Ikwue And The Groovies - Sitting On The Beach
3. Founders 15 - Be My Own
4. Kris Okotie - I Need Someone
5. Rex Williams - You Are My Heart
6. The Apostles - She's A Dropout
7. Sir Victor Uwaifo -Guitar Boy
8. Sir Victor Uwaifo - West African Safari 
9. Sonny Okosun - Help
10. Bongos Ikwue And The Groovies - Still Searching 
11. Sweet Breeze - She's Cooler Than You