Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rolando Alarcon - Por Cuba y Vietnam

Many people have heard of Victor Jara and many (rightfully so) identify him as a key figure in the music of Chile and its' political message especially during the time of the coup against president Salvador Allende. However today we will look at another Chilean folk musician from the same era with much the same message as Victor Jara but much less well known. While very well known in Chile, Rolando Alarcon is for the most part unknown to the outside world especially outside of the Spanish speaking world. His music is very much what one would expect from a very traditional folk musician, music with lots of passion, sentiment, and many times music with a strong message. The album that I am making available for download "Por Cuba y Vietnam" (Through Cuba and Vietnam) shows the strong sentiment of solidarity that many Latin American musicians felt with the Socialist and Communist nations as the US and other western powers extended their influence and stranglehold over the Latin America. This is definitely an album worth checking out if you enjoy any sort of folk or traditional music as it will not disappoint.
1. Pregúntale a Cuba hermano
2. Sin bandera
3. Se llama Fidel
4. Carta al Che
5. En el Valle del Yuro
6. Las doradas colinas de Binh Thuan
7. Hermano, hermano... llorarás
8. Su nombre puede ponerse en verso (Ho Chi Min)
9. Algún día, Viet-Nam
10. Cueca por Viet-Nam