Saturday, June 22, 2013

Grand Prix (1966)

Someone recently brought to my attention that while the blog is called "Lightning Strikes Music and Whatever Else" the blog is mostly made up of music and little to go into the "whatever else" category. So to help remedy this I thought I would share one of my favorite movies the 1960's classic Grand Prix. The movie revolves around the professional and personal lives of a few Formula 1 drivers as they struggle to deal with the pressures and dangers of motorsport. Grand Prix does an excellent job of capturing what early
Formula 1 consisted cars, good looking girls, and danger in every corner.  This is a relatively long movie at almost 4 hours however there is plenty of action and drama throughout to keep you more than entertained and I should mention that even though auto racing is obviously a main part of the plot even someone who has never seen a Formula 1 race in their lives or knows nothing of the sport can enjoy this great movie.

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