Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Carter Family - Great Original Recordings

Today we look at arguably one of the most influential group of artists in the history of music in the United States, The Carter Family. The group began recording in 1927 and would continue to do so until the 1950s though some of the members in the group would change throughout the years. The Carter Family are a staple in folk and country music and would be extremely influential to folk, country, blues, and rock artists from decades to come. Their music is purely classic folk and country and invokes images of a simpler time as well as those of hardship and suffering. I highly recommend giving this album a listen especially if you have never heard of The Carter Family before as you will be introduced to some wonderful and classic American music.
1. Buddies In The Saddle
2. Give Him One More As He Goes
3. Meeting In The Air
4. Heaven's Radio
5. Sea Of Galilee
6. Kissing Is A Crime
7. I Found You Among The Roses
8. Bear Creek Blues
9.East Virginia Blues (No 1)


  1. Thanks, but the download doesn't work. It says "Permission denied."

    1. thanks for letting me know it should be working now let me know if it still isn't though:)