Thursday, March 14, 2013

Something From Asia and Something From The Middle East

As I was looking through the blog I realized I have really neglected to present any music from Asia or from the Middle East so I thought today we would fix that. First off we have a great album called "Cambodian Rocks".  I'm sure the last country that most people think of when they think of rock n' roll is Cambodia however before the years of the Democratic Kampuchea and the Khemer Rouge there was actually a fairly large rock scene in the country. One of the most notable artists from this era was Ros Sereysothea who was known as "the lady with the golden voice" and who truly produced some amazing work. Tragically her fate once Pol Pot and the Khemer Rouge came to power was much the same as that of many other Cambodians (including the majority if not all of the artists on the Cambodia Rocks compilation). People were labeled enemies of the state and either executed right then and there or were overworked in death camps. Highly recommend this compilation album as this truly is some great music that very few people outside of the Cambodian community have heard of. 

Yol Aularong :: Jeas Cyclo “Ride Cyclo”
 Ros Sereysothea :: Chnam Oun Dop-PramMuy “I’m 16″
 Ros Sereysothea :: Tngai Neas Kyom Yam Sra “Today I Drink Wine”
 Yol Aularong + Tuk :: Sou Slarp Kroam Kombut Srey “Rather Die”
 Sinn Sissamouth :: Srolanh Srey Touch “I Love Petite Woman”
 Pan Ron :: Rom Jongvak Twist “Dance Twist”
 Pan Ron :: Knyom Mun Sok Jet Te “I’m Unsatisfied”
 Liev Tuk :: Rom Sue! Sue! “Dance Soul! Soul!”
 Ros Sereysothea :: Jam 10 Kai Thiet “Wait 10 More Months”
 Ros Sereysothea :: Jah Bong Ju Aim “Old Sour & Sweet”
 Samouth + Sothea + Ron) Maok Pi Naok “Where From?
 Sin Sissamouth :: Phneit Oun Mean Evey? “What Does Your Eyes Has?”
 Yol Aularong :: Yuvajon Kouge Jet “Broken Heart Man”
 Meas Samon :: Jol Dondeung Kone Key “Going to Get Engage”
 Ros Sereysothea :: Kerh Songsa Kyoum Thay? “Have You Seen My Boyfriend?”
 Ros Sereysothea :: Chnang Jas Bai Chgn-ainj “Old Pot, Tasty Rice”
 Ros Sereysothea + Seang Vanthy :: Kone Oksok Nas Pa “We’re Very Bored Dad!”
 Ros Sereysothea :: Kom Kung Twer Evey “Don’t Be Mad”
 Ros Sereysothea :: Penh Jet Thai Bong Mouy “I Like Only You”
 In Yeng + Pan Ron :: Sralanh Srey Chnas “I Love Mean Girl”
 Samouth + Meas Samon :: Komlos Teng Bey “Three Gentlemen”
 Ros Sereysothea :: Retrey Yung Joup Knea “The Night We Met”


We covered Asia now we move on to the Middle East specifically to Algerian artist Rachid Taha and his 2004 album Tekitoi. Taha has a very unique style combining many styles of music including the traditional Algerian pop known as "rai" and often singing in various different languages. Legend has it that while attending a Clash concert in Paris in 1981 Taha ran into the band shortly before the concert started and gave them a tape with some of his work on it. Some think that this is where The Clash got the inspiration to write the song "Rock The Casbah". Taha himself did a cover of this song (Rock El Casbah), I really recommend this one as Rachid Taha really does produce some very good music and does an excellent job of mixing various music styles which is something that only a few artists seem to be able to do with success.

    1      Tekitoi? (Who Are You?)
    2    Rock el Casbah  
    3    Lli Fat Mat (What Is Past Is Dead and Gone)
    4    H'asbu-Hum (Ask Them for an Explanation)
    5    Safi (Pure)
    6    Meftuh' (Open)
    7    Winta
    8    Nah'seb (I Count)
    9    Dima (Always)
    10    Mamachi
    11    Shuf (Look)
    12    Stenna (Wait)
    13    Ya Rayah See
    14    Voila Voila (Here It Is, Here It Is)

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