Friday, December 2, 2011

Pepe Guizar - Geografia Musical de Mexico

This is a great album that I highly recommend to anyone as it complies music of the many different regional styles that are found throughout Mexico, everything from the marimba of southern Mexico to ranchera and corridos from northern Mexico. The music on this album also mainly has lyrics which are focused on describing how a particular state or city are unique and beautiful. Most of the music here is by Pepe Guizar however there are a few songs by other artists. Really recommend this one to anybody as it is a great album really worth giving a listen to.

Aquí les dejo un álbum muy bueno que trae música de todos los diferentes estilos que se encuentran en México. La mayoría de las canciones son cantadas por Pepe Guizar pero hay unas cuantas que son cantadas por otros artistas. Les recomiendo mucho este álbum ya que las canciones que trae son verdaderamente muy buenas!

Some music from the album/unas de las canciones del album



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