Monday, December 16, 2013

Los Alegres de Teran - Recordando A Los Valientes

I have been very busy with school the past semester and so have not posted much in some time but today we go back to Mexico to listen to one of my favorite artists from the northern part of the country, Los Alegres de Teran. I have posted some of their music before and mentioned that they are the ones who are mainly responsible for making "musica norteña" popular throughout the country as well as internationally. This particular album "Recordando A Los Valientes" (Remembering The Brave Ones) is made up of songs dedicated to some of the various heroes of Mexico. People like Heraclio Bernal who many years before the 1910 Mexican Revolution was already fighting to overthrow the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz. 
This is an excellent album if you enjoy north Mexican music and as in typical "corrido" fashion you would like to learn some history while enjoying your music.

01 Recordando A Los Valientes
02 Heraclio Bernal
03 Ingnacio Bernal
04 Jesús Cadena
05 Juan Charrasqueado
06 Joaquin Murrieta
07 Benito Canales
08 Los Dos Hermanos
09 Corrido De Rafailita
10 Gregorio Cortez

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