Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Prince Buster - Fabulous Greatest Hits

Prince Buster the king of ska and also one of the greatest musicians to come out of Jamaica. He was one of the first Jamaican artists that I listened to after being introduced to his music by the British 2-Tone bands of the 1980's like The Specials and Madness who covered some of his songs. Until fairly recently he was still doing live tours however Prince Buster's heyday was in the 1960's as he was a pioneer of both ska and rocksteady music. He is known for his often comedic lyrics just have a listen to "10 Commandments" (which has got to be a feminists worst nightmare) or "Big Five" (which at the time was considered extremely crude and thus censored by almost all radio stations in Britain and Jamaica). This album has some great tracks everything from fast paced ska that will make you want to move along to the beat. To the slower and sweeter sounds of rocksteady. I really recommend this one if you want an introduction to one of the greatest musicians to come out of Jamaica or simply just want some great music to add to your collection

 1. Madness
2. Al Capone
3. Wash Wash
4. God Son
5. It's Burke's Law
6. 10 Commandments
7. Blackhead Chineman
8. 30 Pieces of Silver
9. Hard Man Fe Dead
10. Earthquake
11. Judge Dread
12. Ghost Dance
13. Take it Easy
14. Too Hot
15. My Girl
16. This is a Hold Up
17. Shaking Up Orange Street
18. Big Five
19. Rough Rider
20. Wreck a Pum Pum
21. Julie On My Mind
22. Pharaoh House Crash
23. Tie the Donkey's Tail
24. Finger



  1. Wow! Who let this guy write songs!? Ha ha, what funny and weird songs! Some of them are just straight up good musics. This album has a little of everything. I like it a lot! Thanks.

    1. Glad to know you are enjoying it!

  2. Thanks Lalo, Its Prince Buster's birthday today!
    (born Cecil Bustamente Campbell OD 24 May 1938, Kingston, Jamaica)
    Regards, Bob