Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Jam - Live at Rockplast 1980

The Jam is one of the most famous bands in Britain to come out of the 1970's-80's punk and new wave era. While The Jam were tremendously popular in Britain they had very limited success in other places such as the United States. This being a real shame since The Jam composed some great tracks combining the sounds from 60's bands like The Beatles and The Who with the newer punk and new wave style. The album that I am uploading is a live album and features some of the best tracks done by The Jam.
Really recommend you check this out if you like any of the punk or new wave music of the 70's-80's or also any of the British rock from the 1960's.

1. Dreamtime
2. Thick as Thieves
3. Boy About Town
4. Going Underground
5. Pretty Green
6. Monday
7. Set The House Ablaze
8. Private Hell
9. Liza Radley
10. Dreams of Children
11. Modern World
12. Little Boy Soldier
13. But I'm Differen Now
14. Start
15. Scrapeaway
16. Strangetown
17. When You're Young
18. In The City
19. Too Be Someone
20. David Watts
21. Eton Rifles
22. Down in The Tube Station