Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Clash - Lost Treasures

This is a great bootleg with some Clash material that I did not even know existed until very recently. I would probably not recommend this if you are just starting to listen to The Clash or are just someone who liked their more popular songs as I think this is one of those albums that though it has great tracks is made more for the die hard fans.

1 Clash City Rockers (Original Mix)
2 White Man In Hammersmith Palais (Alternate Version)
3 Danger Love (Kris Needs Vocal)
4 Like A Tiger (Kris Needs Vocal)
5 The Cost Of Living (Radio Advert)
6 Rockers Galore (Mickey Dread Vocal)
7 Magnificent Seven (European Remix)
8 Outside Broadcast (Radio Clash Alternate Mix)
9 Radio One (Mickey Dread Vocal)
10 Radio Five (Radio Clash Alternate Mix)
11 The Further Adventures (Futura 2000 Vocal)
12 The Magnificent Dance (European Remix)
13 The Further Adventures (Dub Version)
14 Inoculated City (Original Version)
15 House Of The Ju Ju Queen (Janie Jones Vocal)
16 Sex Machine (Janie Jones Vocal)
17 This Is England (Dub Version)
18 Sex Mad Road (Flipside Twelve)
19 Fingerpoppin' (A O R Remix)


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