Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vicky & Lovy du Zaire 1970-1973

 It has been awhile since I last posted any music but I have been very busy with school recently and have had little time to upload music however there qas some spare time today so I hope everyone enjoys this post.
On a previous post here on the blog I mentioned that one of my favorite music genres is Congolese rumba and that one best artists I had found in this genre was Vicky & Lovy du Zaire. Today we have some more music from this amazing genre and group. I highly recommend this album if you enjoy rumba or would like to have an introduction to the genre.

 Invocation (Vicky Longomba)

 Eulalie Mwana Mandona (Vicky Longomba)

 Conseil d'Ami (Vicky Longomba)

 Balingi Basombela Ngai Liwa (Vicky Longomba)

 Marceline Mama na Bebe (Vicky Longomba)

 Thomas Kinshasa Monoko (Vicky Longomba)

 Nalingi nde Maloba Sukali (Vicky Longomba)

 Leonie Mbongo (Vicky Longomba)

 Atoini (Vicky Longomba)

 Ah Marie-Josée Bandeko (Vicky Longomba)

 Rendez-Vous na Zoo (Vicky Longomba)

 Lovy du Zaire (Vicky Longomba)

Bolingo Ekeyi na Motio (Youlou Mabiala)

Ba Suites ya Vatican (Youlou Mabiala)

Nakobala ata Mongamba (Mose Fanfan)


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