Monday, January 21, 2013

Trojan DJ (3) CD Box Set

Trojan Records is synonymous with some of the best music to come out of Jamaica. The Trojan Box set has been an effort by Trojan Records to compile and re-release many of the songs which came out on their label many years ago. The DJ box set is a personal favorite of mine as it compiles many tracks of some of the best DJ's to come out of the Jamaican music scene including Big Youth, Scotty, Dennis Alcapone, U-Roy, and I-Roy. As well as some killer material from some less known DJs.
DJ also known as toasting is essentially the roots of all rap, hip hop, and dancehall music. The genre has its origins when producers and sound systems would have someone toast over an older rocksteady or ska track. This is really a great album which I highly recommend to anyone with any interest in Jamaican music or anything like rap or hip hop as this is the roots of those genres.

Disc One-

1. Screaming Target - Big Youth
2. Festival Wise - U-Roy
3. Yamaha Skank - Big Youth
4. DJ's Choice - Winston Williams
5. Hot Bomb - I-Roy
6. King of Kings - Dennis Alcapone
7. I Got to Get Away - Dave Barker
8. Pride and Joy Rock - Big Youth
9. Love Is a Treasure - Lizzy
10. Tide Is High - U-Roy
11. Riddle This - Scotty
12. Blackman Time - I-Roy
13. Herbsman (Shuffle) - Andy Capp
14. Cambodia - Blake Boy
15. S90 Skank - Big Youth
16. Place Called Africa
17. Earthquake - U-Roy

Disc Two-

1. Clean race - Scotty
2. Spanish amigo - Dennis Alcapone
3. Buck and the preacher - I-Roy
4. Hot stick version - Samuels, Philip
5. Be careful - Big Youth
6. True true - U-Roy
7. Vigerton 2 - King Stitt
8. Cow town skank - I-Roy
9. Teach the children - Dennis Alcapone
10. Red gold and green - I-Roy
11. Draw your brakes - Scotty
12. Jack of my trade - Sir Lord Comic
13. Moving version - Big Youth
14. Give me power version - King Iwah
15. Flashing my whip - U-Roy
16. Fire corner - King Stitt
17. Ripe cherry - Dennis Alcapone

Disc Three-

1. Hammering - Campbell, Cat
2. Shock and shake - Charlie Ace
3. To the fields - Herman
4. I worry - Scotty
5. Tripe girl - I-Roy
6. Dreamland version - Big Youth
7. Great woggie - Dennis Alcapone
8. Love I tender - U-Roy
9. High explosion - Young, Lloyd
10. Wet version - Barker, Dave
11. Children children - Scotty
12. Right song - Lizzy
13. Killer - Big Youth
14. Ten commandments - Prince Heron
15. DJ's choice - Dennis Alcapone
16. Dr Phibbs - I-Roy


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